Understanding your Chakras -The Solar Plexus Chakra

This month we are going to explore the third of the seven energy systems. The solar plexus chakra, also known as Manipura, is the Sanskrit word for shining jewel and is believed to be a metaphor for the inner beauty of oneself. It is located in your abdomen just above the navel and is associated with a vibrant yellow color. Its associated element is fire. The primary purpose of this chakra is power, integrity, self-discipline and personal esteem. It provides us with the necessary strength and endurance to work through life’s challenges while remaining true to our core values of honor and ethics.

The solar plexus chakra is where our sense of ego, self-control and our sense of authority are based. If you have ever experienced “butterflies” in your stomach before a presentation or during a stressful situation, this is where your 3rd chakra is housed and actively at work!

This chakra also holds our intellect, individual personality and cognitive thinking skills. When faced with a difficult situation and weighing the options, your may find the decision is often rooted in your “gut instinct”. This is your 3rd chakra at work. It is integral to facing and working through every day challenges at work, home or in personal relationships. It allows us to make confident decisions, handle a crisis and distinguish right from wrong and good from bad.

When your 3rd Chakra is balanced, you have the ability to be spontaneous and feel satisfied and happy in life. You believe in yourself and don’t view the world as a threatening or frightening place. Your self-perception has changed from belonging to a tribe (first chakra) to developing your own self-identity and a strengthened ego. The ability to clearly and freely express your emotions and decisions to people is the result of a balanced 3rd chakra. Having the courage to follow your “intuition” or “gut” in making decisions without fear of reprisal from others or fearing your own safety is also a key function of this chakra.

Signs of an unbalanced 3rd chakra are seen in long standing anger or resentment and fear of life. Ongoing criticism of others, refusal to admit wrongdoing and thoughts of helplessness without initiating steps to correct the situation are all indicative of being in a state of unbalance. An under active chakra will exhibit as indifference, poor self-esteem, feelings of being powerless, and remaining in unhealthy relationships. Over active chakra signs are seen in people who crave power, control and will frequently manipulate or bully to get their way. Success is measured by how much can be accumulated in both personal wealth and power rather than focusing on inner power. They are often viewed as impatient, short tempered and unable to cooperate for the greatest good of all concerned.

If you feel out of balance, try spending time outdoors in the sunshine. Burn a few candles, or build a bonfire, if you have the proper place! Introduce the color yellow into your wardrobe, your office or home as a reminder. Place sunflowers on your desk. Eat more yellow fruits and vegetables like bananas, squash and peaches. Try belly dancing! Go for a brisk walk, watch a comedy and enjoy deep belly laughs. Perform an act of service to nurture someone else through praise, respect and acknowledgement for a job well done. Using your time to teach a skill or support someone who could use a boost in their self-esteem are power gifts of the 3rd chakra. If you meditate, visualize a golden yellow; it will help ground your energy center to your physical body. If you work with mala beads, the gemstones related to the solar plexus chakra are amber, tiger’s eye, yellow topaz and citrine. Incense can also be a useful centering aide. Cardamom, cinnamon, coriander, ginger and orange are incense associated with the 3rd chakra.

In the next issue, we will explore the fourth or heart chakra.

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