A Black Japanese Shogun Kimono – A Gift Fit for Royalty

What man or woman needs a Japanese Kimono for the holidays?  Everyone knows someone who should be wearing this gorgeous, regal looking Japanese robe.  Not just any kimono, the Black Shogun Kimono is made for a person who should have been born into nobility. You know the type: always in command of every situation, a veritable dynamo in all aspects of life.

This obsidian black kimono is accented all over with the Japanese calligraphy symbols for “shōgun” in red and gold, and comes with a matching belt.  It can be worn on lazy weekend mornings as a robe, or as a cover-up at the pool.  For that person in your life who has everything, this robe will be appreciated for its uniqueness and versatility.

In Japanese culture, the symbol for a shōgun refers to a “general who can fight off barbarians”, and is also known as a warlord or “generalissimo” – the highest military rank in the Japanese armed forces.  While the title shogun is no longer used today, it recalls an important time in Japanese history.

Calligraphic symbols are often used in Japanese fabric design because in Zen culture, they are akin to art.  In fact, all Japanese calligraphy was influenced by masters of Zen thought.  This is because a calligrapher has only one chance to create a symbol with a brush.  Fluid execution requires extreme concentration for a brief moment in time, which requires the master to clear his mind and let the letters flow out effortlessly.  Known as the “no mind state”, this practice is based on the spiritual principles of Zen Buddhism.

When one wears this Black Shogun Kimono, they are not only the master of their physical plane; they are also connected to the spiritual world of Zen calligraphy. The classic style of this Japanese-made robe fits comfortably on a 5’10” – 6’1” frame, and has extra-long sleeves.  It makes a dramatic statement and a luxurious gift.

       The Shodo Yukata is available at                                             www.chopa.com

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