Kimonos – Still Trending After All These Years

bamboo and clouds kimonoAsk any fashion designer what inspires them most about Japanese culture and they will probably say the Kimono.  Like many other timeless fashion trends, the Japanese kimono starts out with a very simple concept; in fact, its boxy shape is what makes it such a versatile place to start for young designers.  Over the years since the Kimono was first introduced in North America, numerous designers have used it as an inspiration for dresses, blouses, scarves and robes.

Initially designed as a costume to be worn at ceremonies, the Japanese Kimono has become the most widely recognized article of Japanese clothing.  A similarly styled robe, known as the Yukata, is a lighter-weight version of the Kimono, typically worn by the pool or after a bath.

Whether you wear a Kimono or a Yukata, what ties them all together is the Obi, a stylish sash that complements the color and fabric of the robe.  For the best selection of Japanese Kimono and Yukata robes or unique Obi fashions, take a look at the selection available at

Here are a few of the hottest Kimono robes on sale today:

Golden Bamboo and Clouds Kimono – This gorgeous red sateen cotton kimono (shown above) incorporates a detailed floral pattern with scattered clouds and bamboo.  This beautiful robe with matching sash is just one of many unique and colorful designs available at  The breathable fabric is breathable enough for warm weather but still maintains its luster and the shape of its delicate butterfly sleeves. 

Fair Trade Kimono Robe – Available from Chopa’s Fair Trade Collection, this soft and comfortable lilac-colored Kimono combines lilac and fuchsia prints in a 100% cotton hand-dyed fabric robe. Made by artisans at a fair-trade workshop in Bali, this unisex style is designed to fit men and women.  48 inches in length, It has two front outside pockets and a matching belt.

Japanese Obi – A beautiful selection of Japanese Obi are custom made to complement the many colorful Kimono and Yukata robes available at Chopa.  These sashes have been an integral component of Japanese fashion since the 17th century, when they were work for formal ceremonies and special events.  Available in many colors, including royal blue, navy, red, pink, white and black, these striking Japanese accent pieces measure 4 inches wide by 110 inches long.

For the best selection of affordably priced Japanese Kimono and Yukata robes, shop often.  These gorgeous robes also make great gifts for the whole family. 

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