Stylish Kimono and Yukatas for Men

When one pictures a Japanese kimono or yukata, the image that comes to mind is usually a traditional robe worn by a Japanese woman; but this is no longer the case.  While the kimono robe was always known as a hallmark of Japanese society, the trend has expanded to include men’s “Happi” coats and lightweight cotton yukatas.  The shape and pattern of these simple Japanese robes hasn’t changed much over the years, but they are worn in more casual settings.

For the man who has everything, these functional and decorative robes can become an instant favorite for lounging and poolside gatherings.  The fabrics are organic, colorful, and available in a wide range of traditional and contemporary prints.  Worn with an “Obi” (sash) or without, the yukata and kimono are a comfortable way to unwind and refresh oneself after a dip in the hot tub or pool.

What are the latest kimono trends for men?

One of the more popular new products for men, now available at, is the men’s knee length Happi Coat, which is more comfortable for everyday wear than a full length yukata or kimono.  Another trend for men are Japanese style sandals, known as “Zori.”  Men are always happy to receive a silky traditional kimono robe with a pattern of dragons or Japanese calligraphy.

Here are a few of the favorites now on sale at Chopa.

Black embroidered Dragon Kmono

A striking bit of contrast and bold symmetry define the dragon kimono, which is embroidered with striking dragon heads on the front and a full-length dragon on the back.  Created with rich shades of red, gold and white against a black background, this 100 percent cotton robe is never overbearing.  It will also soften after washing.

Dragon and Eagle Happi Coat

This Japanese classic is quickly becoming a mainstream favorite for men, particularly those who want a shorter version of the popular yukata.  About 13” shorter than the kimono, this “coat” is Ideal for lounging at home as an informal beach cover-up. The Japanese-made Happi Coat is made of 100 percent cotton with a matching belt and side pocket.

Japanese Zori Sandals

Men may not be very particular about their choice of shoes or sandals, but kimono-clad men look better in Japanese sandals.  These versatile and comfortable pair of thongs is made from tatami-textured waterproof vinyl with a soft black velvet thong and a rubberized base.

Zen Calligraphy Yukata

Geometric symmetry inspired by nature has its origins traced back to the samurai class of old Japan. This Yukata features a classic, vertical tree of life design pattern in a striking black and white with accenting calligraphy symbols for “Zen” scattered throughout. Made in Japan of soft, 100% cotton, it is as effortless to slip into each day, as it is to care for.

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