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What is a Shamballa Bracelet?

Thursday, November 11th, 2021

What is a Shamballa Bracelet?

Shamballa bracelets are a type of bracelet symbolic to Buddhist tradition. It represents the eternal cycle of life, death, and rebirth. Also known as the Buddhist prayer bead, the bracelets were created by Tibetan monks to help them meditate. They are often made from beads and cord with two tassels representing the presence of something divine in this world. Shamballa bracelets became popular in the United States during the 1960s. They were originally created by Englishman, Thomas Wilson who wore one after he visited Tibet in 1920.

This unique jewelry is making waves in the fashion industry. Nowadays, bracelets are worn by men and women for its classic design, yet simple and bold look. What sets it apart from other traditional bracelets is that there’s no clasp. Instead, they’re held together with adjustable slip knots which gives it an added touch of style.

Origins of the Shamballa Bracelet

The name Shamballa is derived from the Buddhist term for “shamatha,” which translates to “peace.”  Shamballa is considered to be a mystical land that exists on earth when we achieve enlightenment. These bracelets were often given as gifts in different cultures, such as India and Tibet. Decorated with beads in many different styles and colors with their own rich history behind them. The bracelets come in different shapes including hearts, diamonds, lotus flowers, stars and circles among others.

Some believe that wearing the bracelets bring them good luck and fortune. People wear these bracelets for many reasons including fashion, spirituality or as a reminder of their heritage. Although there are other types of jewelry you can wear, nothing makes quite the same statement like a Shamballa bracelet does. They hold special significance to those who wear them. They are considered a reminder to be mindful of the things that make them happy. People might reflect on places they have been, situations they overcame, goals they achieved, progress on life or a celebration of accomplishments reached.

Meanings of the Shamballa

The charm behind the bracelet is that it has no beginning or end. It represents the eternal knot which symbolizes strength and harmony. It signifies that it never stops flowing – just like the eternal flow of energy in our universe.  Additionally, when two people wear a pair of these bracelets they are connected energetically. The wearer’s mind becomes more concentrated on their partner while they are apart. If one person wears both bracelets, they feel safer because they still have their love with them at all times.

There are many ways to wear Shamballa bracelets – on your wrist, as an anklet or as an arm band. Some wear it strung on a chain and use it for meditation purposes while away from home. You can also use it as a decoration by hanging it up in your home or office space. This is believed to add some much-needed energy and vibrancy to any environment.

Where to Buy?

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These meaningful bracelets make great gifts to give someone, or why not treat yourself.

turquoise Shamballa bracelet

Turquoise Shamballa Bracelet