Top Five Selling Kimonos – October 2022

Japanese Kimonos and Yukatas are always popular, but with most clothing items, some styles and patterns are more popular than others. Each month, we like to publish our monthly list of the top five-selling robes. This allows you to know what our customers are currently buying, so you can decide with confidence. Whether you’re buying a Japanese robe for yourself or as a gift, our timely list is a great way to narrow down your choices and find the perfect style.

Our authentic Japanese kimonos make beautiful gifts. With our help, you’re sure to pick one that your recipient will love. Thanks to our customers, you can be confident that you’re choosing from the current most popular styles and patterns.

Best Selling Kimonos and Yukatas for October 2022:

Yukata – Dragon and Mt Fuji Blue: This men’s yukata is frequently a best-seller. It is available in three sizes and its distinctive design was created by a Japanese artist in Japan.  It’s gorgeous to look at and comfortable to wear.

Yukata – Tree of Life: This beautiful yukata is available in five sizes and is part of our Premium Collection.

Black Kimono – Samurai Robe: This kimono is made in Japan from the finest broadcloth. Broadcloth is a densely woven fabric with luxurious softness.

Yukata – Cloud Dragon: This eye-catching yukata was inspired by a famous Japanese painting. It’s a masterpiece.

Kimono – Dragon of Flame: This kimono is also made from fine broadcloth and embroidered with a sophisticated dragon. The dragon is a symbol of power and force.

Check out our complete offerings of over 100 beautiful kimonos and yukatas in our online shop. Chopa has been a leading provider of fine authentic Japanese kimonos and yukatas since 1994.  We ship quickly from the USA. If you are considering a Christmas gift, we offer an extended return or exchange window through January 20th.

navy dragon yukata

        Dragon and Mt Fuji Yukata

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