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Welcome to Chopa - Your Source for Kimono and Yukata

Our Kimono Shop is Celebrating its 30th year in business. Shop with confidence.

Chopa was established in 1994. Chopa is derived from the Tibetan word "offering". We started in the Buddhist tradition, offering unique products to those practicing Zen Inspired Living. As our company grew, so did our love for Japanese Kimono and Yukata robes. Our appreciation of the history, traditions, and symbolism of the Japanese Kimono made it an easy decision to focus on offering kimono and yukata for sale, so others could share our excitement around these beautiful robes. Our Kimono Shop has served over 34,000 customers from around the world. From our excellent customer service and a large selection to our competitive pricing and fast shipping from the USA, it is easy to see why we are your Kimono Source.

We are proud to be one of the first online vendors providing a wide selection of Plus Sized kimonos, Short Length yukata, Tall and Petite sizes of authentic yukata, and kimonos for men, women, and kids. Chopa is a direct importer of quality cotton and silk kimono and yukata robes from Japan. These robes are perfect for everyday use, loungewear, bathrobes, cover-ups, fashion, ceremonies, or special occasions. Shop our ever-changing selection of colors, patterns, styles, and designs. Japanese kimono becomes captivating wall art when displayed on a kimono hanger or mounted under a glass frame.

Since we began offering kimono robes over twenty-eight years ago, we fine-tuned the process of buying a kimono or yukata online. With our large selection of styles and colors, as well as sizing, we are confident you can find your Zen Inspired kimono.