Buddhist Mala Beads – Jewelry with Style and Substance

buddhist mala beadsLadies, do you ever find yourself trying on the same necklaces and never really wearing them?  It seems like they’re either too dressy, too dated, the wrong color or the wrong length to go with your neckline.  When did wearing jewelry become so complicated?   Perhaps your problem isn’t your collection of jewelry; it may be that your style has changed over the years.  As women mature they become more self-aware, which often means they drop the pretenses of youth.  Instead of merely “decorating” oneself with a shimmery accessory, jewelry becomes a new means of substantive self-expression.  Could this explain the sudden popularity of Tibetan and Buddhist jewelry?

Unlike most of the costume jewelry available for sale these days, Buddhist mala beads and Tibetan necklaces tell a unique story.  Based on the practice of counting mantras in the name of Hindu gods, the “Japa Mala” is a set of beads that provides a method of counting out these prayers.  In the custom of Tibetan Buddhism, 108 beads are used for counting out 100 recitations of a mantra, with an extra eight beads provided to amend any mistakes.

Each gemstone or bead in Buddhist mala beads can be used to recite a mantra, but the selection of beads is a matter of personal taste.  An earthier woman might look for one made with Bodhi seeds or linden nuts, but they can also be made from exotic woods, gemstones and ivory.  The key to making the perfect set of mala beads is to use a harder bead material that will keep its shape with frequent use.  Many practitioners of Tibetan Buddhism believe that the beads themselves take on a spiritual and healing quality over time.

Wearing a string of Buddhist mala beads or a Buddhist wrist mala is a sacred act that goes beyond self-adornment; it is a constant reminder for the wearer to focus on inner peace and wellness.  In addition to calming the spirit, these beads can serve to purify the mind and clear bad karma or other mental barriers.  One favorite Mala is made from aventurine and mother of pearl beads, which are believed to stimulate new growth, balance energy and even repair a broken heart.  Beyond its natural beauty, aventurine is known to be an attractor of wealth, luck and abundance.

Take a look at the beautiful selection of Buddhist mala beads and Tibetan mala jewelry available at Chopa.com.  Wearing one of these necklaces is an ideal way to make the switch from decorative necklaces to meaningful “spiritual jewelry.”

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