Geisha Costumes & Kimonos – Popular Favorites for Halloween

When the Halloween candy displays start popping up at your local supermarket, you know that Halloween is just around the corner.  Remember when Halloween was just for kids?  Not anymore.  Adults are looking for costumes too, and theirs are not always so easy to find.

While it seems like more Halloween superstores open up each year, the trend for adults is to find that singular, unique idea that is both imaginative and easy to pull together.  Every year there seems to be one costume that is brand new on the scene.  Some costume-shoppers get their ideas from popular movies, TV shows or political campaigns, but the best costumes are those that are both recognizable and fun to wear.

Versatility is another factor, and you will score even more points at your next Halloween gathering if your costume includes fashionable elements that can be incorporated into your post-Halloween wardrobe.  An authentic-looking Geisha costume may be just what you’re looking for, particularly one that utilizes genuine Kimono robes or Japanese Yukata.

What is a Geisha?

If dressing in an ethnically-inspired costume makes you feel uncomfortable or you’re not quite sure what a “Geisha” is; it may be worth learning a little more about these icons of Japanese culture.  Contrary to what many Americans believe; a geisha is not a prostitute.  The word “geisha” is translated to mean “artist” or “artisan.” When translated literally into English, “geisha” means performing artist.

What kind of performance would one expect to see from Japanese “geisha girls?”  These female entertainers perform many different Japanese arts, including elegant dance performances to classical music.

Kimono costumes and traditional geisha costumes can be found in most Halloween stores, but these costume-shop versions are not the kind of kimono dresses that can be worn as a wardrobe piece; they are typically made from cheap fabrics with very little attention to detail.

If you were truly inspired by the best-selling novel, “Memoirs of a Geisha” by Arthur Golden, you might understand how the kimono geisha costume became a fad.  And once you see the beauty and craftsmanship of genuine kimonos, you probably won’t want to buy a “costume” version of a kimono.  Surprisingly, the real thing is almost as affordable.

How does one become a real “geisha?”

Before you commit to wearing a geisha costume this Halloween, it may help to know a few facts about real Japanese geishas.  Many people don’t realize this, but there is more than one way to become a geisha.

One path is to become an apprentice, also known as a maiko, is to work with a mentor or master geisha.  Maikos work very hard at their training and are only paid about half as much as other lower-level performers.  Plus, before a new “geisha trainee” can move out on her own and start earning money, she must repay the teacher for the cost of her training.  Most current geisha women would agree that it’s better to start out as an apprentice before the age of 21 and work up the skills needed to become a professional.

Another way to become a geisha is to enter the geisha community at an older age.  Any woman over the age of 21 is considered too old to become a maiko; however a year’s worth of training is typically required before one would be considered a fully-trained geisha.

Formal arts training may be done in special geisha school or with a master geisha who is willing to share her skills privately.  Social skills are an important element in the success of geisha girls, which often means they must build a support network.  While they may appear flirtatious or playful, geisha are often intelligent women who entertain clients with dancing or music. They learn these skills at special schools found in every hanamachi, or geisha district.

The unique look of geisha women

The elaborate clothing worn by geisha women stands out just as beautifully as their hair and makeup. The makeup is worn in various different ways and assists us with age recognition. Different hairstyles and pins signify the stages of one’s development. For example, a younger geisha will have shorter eyebrows while longer eyebrows display maturity and age. Perhaps one of their “signature” looks is how they cover their faces in white rice powder.  This makes the rest of their makeup very noticeable.  Overall, applying geisha make up is a very long and tedious process.

A word about geisha Halloween costumes

Geisha Halloween costumes replicate the elegant and stunning look of the Japanese women. Geisha costumes are sexy, fun and flirtatious, and they represent the sexier side of the Japanese culture. Geisha costumes will offer endless hours of entertainment at the parties while providing for easy arousal and fantasy scenarios at home.

People from every culture are fascinated by geisha women.  What better way could there be to make a great impression at your next Halloween party?  Simply apply geisha-like makeup, put your hair in a loose bun held in place by chopsticks, and show up wearing a sexy kimono.  After the party, your kimono can be slipped on after a dip in the hot tub or worn over a swim suit on a cruise ship.  Wear it as a comfortable robe around the house or cinch the waist with an obi and it makes a beautiful dress.

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