Cover your Man in Yang Male Energy with this Navy Dragon Yukata

Navy Dragon Yukata

Navy Dragon Yukata

Ladies, do you want your man to look fashionable by the pool or spa this summer?  Then maybe it’s time to start doing some early Father’s Day shopping.  This striking Navy Dragon Yukata is certain to get attention and make your favorite guy feel like a million bucks.  Perfect for lounging by the pool, as a summer bathrobe, or wherever he likes to relax, this 100% cotton yukata makes an impressive statement.

Made in Japan, the legendary dragon is emblazoned on this navy blue yukata, along with gray and white stylized clouds and calligraphy.  The dragon is depicted across Asian cultures as one of the Four Legendary Creatures, each of which is the guardian of the cosmic “directions”.  The Dragon guards the East, and was often painted alongside the other “creatures” (tortoise, tiger and red bird) to keep evil spirits away from early Chinese tombs.  The dragon is also represents the spring season, the colors green and blue, and the element of wood.  Its virtue is Propriety and it is an enduring symbol of Yang male energy. 

It is hard to imagine that a mythological creature could be symbolic of so many things simultaneously, but this is not uncommon in Asian cultures.  According to “Myths and Legends of Japan” by F. Hadland Davis, the dragon has the head of a camel, the eyes of a hare, the horns of a deer, the scales of a carp, paws like a tiger’s, and claws like those of a giant eagle.  Needless to say, they cannot be compared with anything in the animal kingdom, and would certainly be a formidable opponent for any living creature.

It is appropriate that the Navy Dragon Yukata is something that is often worn near water, because dragons are frequently associated with the watery realm. In Japanese and Chinese artwork, they are often surrounded by clouds and water, and according to myth, there are four dragon kinds who watch over the seas.

So if you want the man in your life to wear a comfortable yet stylish robe this summer, give him a symbol of Yang male energy with this Navy Dragon Yukata.  The robe fits men 5’9” to 6’1” and comes with a matching fabric belt.

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