Make a Bold Statement in this Black Dragon & Mt. Fuji Yukata


Black Dragon Yukata with Mt. Fuji

You may already be familiar with the Japanese kimono, but perhaps you’ve never heard of a “yukata.”  Just like a kimono, a Japanese yukata is shaped like a capital “T”, but it is made from a lighter weight fabric than the kimono.  Also, like kimonos, these colorful robes are often worn with a yukata obi, or sash.

Yukatas originated from the robes worn by Japanese noblemen in the 17th century, known as “yukatabira.”  The word “yu” means bath, and “katabira” means “under clothing”, so while the yukata may look a lot like a kimono, wearing yukata robes as clothing in Japan might be akin to wearing pajamas in public.

Set on a black background that is finished with gold calligraphy on the trim, this striking Black Dragon & Mt. Fuji Yukata makes a bold statement.  The fabric itself is iconic in nature, being that its major design elements are the Japanese black dragon and Mt. Fuji.  According to Japanese legend, the dragon is the guardian of the East, and the physical embodiment of yang male energy.  Along with the tortoise, tiger and red bird, the dragon is known for being one of Asia’s Four Legendary Creatures, all charged with guarding Japanese tombs from evil spirits.

Mt. Fuji is commonly known as the “symbol for Japan,” and is seen in more artwork than any other part of the landscape.  One famous Japanese artist, Hokusai, represented Mt. Fuji in a well known series of woodblock prints, the most famous of which is the “Great Wave off Kanagawa”.

Unlike the heavy silk fabrics of traditional Japanese attire, today’s kimonos and yukatas are easy to wear and have an indescribable sense of grace and style.  Designed with 100% cotton for more active lifestyles, these refreshingly simple robes are worn by people from all walks of life.

Richly detailed and made in Japan, this Yukata makes a bold statement. It is 58″ in length and comes with a matching belt that is sewn inside the sleeve with a light basting stitch. Makes a wonderful gift!

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