How Kimono Dresses Have Influenced Western Fashion

kimono dressesIf you have a picture in your mind about the Japanese lifestyle, reality may not live up to your expectations.  Contrary to popular belief, it’s rare to see many women wearing kimono dresses on the streets of Tokyo.  In fact, this international city may look a lot more “Western” than many American towns.  But this doesn’t meant that kimono dresses, or yukatas, have not influenced Japanese fashions.  The Kimono is more likely to be worn in a traditional ceremony or celebratory setting, with kimono dresses a more popular item with older Japanese women. 

Wearing a kimono in the traditional Japanese way would require one to purchase an elaborate “obi” or sash to wrap around the waist.  In today’s more casual culture, it’s more common to wear colorful silk kimonos as loungewear or as a robe at a resort area.  When shopping for kimono dresses, most women find that a lightweight cotton yukata is a better choice. 

Kimono dresses are a grand tradition in Japan

Like many practices in Japan, the creation of kimonos and kimono dresses has been elevated to an art form, making these stylish robes a family heirloom in many Japanese families.  But beyond their traditional use in Japanese ceremonies, kimono dresses have influenced women’s fashions around the world.  Some designers have used the T-shaped structure of the kimono as a basis for designing smock dresses and coat dresses, as well as loose belted shirtdresses.  While many of these fashions fall into the category of “haute couture” they have provided inspiration for fashion buyers everywhere.  Even some wedding dresses are modeled after traditional kimono dresses. 

Where to buy the best kimono dresses online

Women with an interest in owning a piece of Japanese tradition can still find a wonderful selection of authentic kimono dresses by shopping at  One of the best examples of this is their Pink Cherry Blossom Kimono, made in Japan from 100% breathable cotton and printed with a beautiful cherry blossom pattern.  Buyers of these kimono dresses love the way the butterfly sleeves fall gracefully into the shape of the robe, which is 56” long.  Switching the matching belt for a colorful obi can easily turn this feminine robe into a fashionable kimono dress.

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