Shades of Blue are the Fashion with these Japanese Kimonos for Sale

japanese kimonos for saleAs the summer vacation season kicks into high gear, people are picking up something special at  Now, in addition to all of their Zen accessories and Japanese furnishings, Chopa has a vase selection of Japanese kimonos for sale.  The kimonos featured this year seem to focus on a single color family, mainly blue, including rich turquoise hues and deep sapphire blue.  A lighter weight version of the kimono, known as a yukata, is also available. 

For men and women who want a comfortable and lightweight robe to wear by the pool, a yukata is the ideal choice, but a silky kimono can be worn all year round.  Whether they are worn after a shower, lounging around the house or while enjoying a sunny morning on the deck, yukatas and kimonos make the ideal addition to any summer wardrobe. 

This year, the blue Japanese kimonos for sale at Chopa are available in a vast array of beautiful patterns.  While they are worn in Western cultures mainly during times of relaxation, they remain one of the most widely recognized articles of clothing in all of Japanese culture.  Often worn by royalty and other members of society, a Japanese kimono is seen at many ceremonial occasions.

Here is a sampling of some of the Japanese kimonos for sale right now at Chopa.

Navy Chrysanthemum Kimono – Perfect for spring and summer, the iconic chrysanthemum image bursts to life in this 100 percent cotton kimono.  Rich hues of blue turquoise are accented with white and gold, making this yukata kimono a refreshing way to start the day.  Wear it as a robe or as a fashionable cover-up by the pool.

 “Hanu” Garden Kimono – This vibrant kimono has the theme of a flower garden, hence the word “hanu” which means “flower “in Japanese. Made from 100 percent cotton, this yukata kimono is an ideal robe for indoors or out, and comes with a matching fabric sash. It lets you slip into something bright and cheerful every morning!

Other blue Japanese kimonos for sale at Chopa include navy blue crane kimonos, blue silk koi fish kimonos and dozens of other stylish yukatas in every shade of blue.  But blue isn’t the only color that works well with these traditional Japanese robes.  Brilliant reds, yellows and greens are also there to delight the eyes and the senses.

Check out the complete selection of Japanese kimonos for sale at

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