The Best Robe for summer? A Japanese Yukata

japanese yukataIn case you are not familiar with the summer version of the kimono – also known as the Japanese Yukata – now is the perfect time to learn.  With the warm weather approaching, a yukata is the perfect robe for lounging around the pool, after a shower, or just relaxing at home.  These cotton robes are designed to look similar to a kimono, but without the formality of silk.  Because they are made from cotton, these delightful robes use patterns that are lighter and less saturated with color, making them the perfect accessory for summer.

Shaped like a capital “T” with wide arms in an angular pattern, the Japanese yukata is designed to be worn loosely, but it can also be cinched together with a matching fabric sash.  Like a traditional kimono, the hem of most yukatas falls about 56” long, skimming the ankle. But unlike the kimono, the Yukata is not worn in formal ceremonies.  It is more likely to be worn after a bath or as a stylish cover-up when sitting by the pool. 

The Japanese yukata is just as likely to be worn by a man as it is by a woman.  Some couples even buy themselves matching yukatas to wear on vacation or when visiting the spa on a cruise ship, but they also make a thoughtful gift for an anniversary or bridal shower.

When it’s time to choose a Japanese yukata from, it can be difficult to buy just one.  Bestsellers include the Blue Koi yukata in a crisp navy blue and white pattern, a red and white bamboo and floral yukata, and a black crane and tree yukata.  Many of the symbols used on these popular patterns play an important role in Japanese culture.  Whether it is a koi fish swimming upstream, a traditional bamboo pattern or a yukata with cranes and cherry blossoms, each of these iconic symbols tells a story.

It may be tempting to shop for a Japanese Yukata at a favorite retailer, but they are very difficult to find at most chain stores.  The best place to find an affordable and authentic Japanese Yukata is to shop online at  Here, you will find a huge selection of colorful and lightweight yukatas, as well as an assortment of silky kimonos.  They are made with the utmost attention to detail and will last for many years to come.  View the collection of kimonos and yukatas at

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