How to Look Great in a Kimono Robe Dress this Summer

kimono robe dressSpring may have just begun, but in the fashion world it is already fall.  So don’t feel guilty if you’re sights are set on summer.  Now is the time to start putting together the primary pieces of your summer wardrobe, and for many women that will include a Kimono robe dress

If you’ve never worn a Kimono robe dress or its lighter-weight cousin, the Yukata, then you are in for a treat.  These comfortable and colorful robes are a hallmark of Japanese culture, and one of the most recognizable articles of clothing in all of Asia.  While they may not be quite as common in Western cultures, many women are starting to embrace their versatile good looks. 

If you’re not sure where you would wear a Kimono robe dress, then the best place to start is by the pool.  Some women choose a cotton fabric Yukata instead of silker Kimonos, since they are cooler against the skin on warm days.  A Kimono dress can also be worn more traditionally by wrapping it around the waist and cinching it with a wide belt, or Obi.  Once women start wearing these silken robes, they like the feel of them so much that they start to look for more occasions to wear one. 

In Japanese society, a Kimono robe dress is often worn at traditional tea ceremonies and even at formal weddings.  These fluid designs are often seen in Asian fashion shows and reinterpreted by contemporary clothing designers.  But as a casual summer essential, the Kimono robe dress is a lot more relaxed.  The lightweight Cherry Blossom Yukata shown here is a great example of the more casual summer Kimono, and can be worn as a bathrobe or by the pool. 

Women are unfamiliar with the fashion “dos and don’ts” of Japanese fashions, so I like to point out that some American footwear won’t look right with a Kimono robe dress.  It is better to purchase a pair of Tatami Zori sandals, Geta Sandals, or other traditional Japanese footwear.  Tatami sandals are stylish and versatile, and made with organic materials that dry quickly.  Often worn by Geishas, Geta sandals are so traditional that they date back as far as 300 B.C.  Made from lightweight and warp-resistant Paulownia wood, the modern versions of these shows have a slight heel.  Tabi socks can also be a great complement to a Kimono robe dress. 

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