Kimono Dresses – The Ultimate Way to Relax

kimono dressesDoesn’t it seem like the Japanese know how to do everything better?  Whether it’s through meditation, Feng Shui design, healthy eating or Ikebana gardening, all aspects of life are well thought out and designed to enhance the quality of life.  They even know how to relax better, with sumptuous silk kimono dresses.  Ever since Westerners started to immerse themselves in Japanese culture, kimono dresses have played an influential role in American fashion.

If you already have a picture in your mind of a Japanese woman wearing a traditional kimono dress, this is only part of how kimono dresses are worn today. Contrary to popular belief, younger Japanese women in today’s society rarely wear a kimono dress outside of traditional Japanese ceremonies.  In today’s more casual culture, t is more likely that you will see a lightweight cotton kimono, or yukata, worn by older Japanese women.  However, traditional kimono dresses still play an important role in the grand traditions of Japanese fashion, and they are usually paired with an elaborate sash, or “obi.”

Like many Japanese products, the creation of kimono dresses has been elevated to an art form.  Many Japanese families own a collection of these stylish robes, which can become family heirlooms.  Over the years, kimono dresses have influence women’s fashions in many parts of the world, with designers mimicking the “T” shape of these garments in the design of coat dresses, smocks and belted shirtdresses.   While many of these dresses are considered “haute couture” they have inspired fashion buyers everywhere.  Even some modern wedding dresses are modeled after Japanese kimono dresses.

Women who wish to own a piece of Japanese tradition can still find a fantastic selection of authentic kimono dresses when shopping at  One of the best examples of kimono dresses on sale today is the Purple Royal Peacock Kimono, which features beautiful peacocks and rich gold accents among scattered cherry blossoms, all against a purple background.

Buyers of these kimono dresses love the way the butterfly sleeves fall gracefully into the shape of the robe, which is 56” long.  Switching the matching belt for a colorful obi can easily turn this feminine robe into a fashionable kimono dress.  To learn more about this and other Japanese kimono dresses, watch the video on

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