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Celebrate the Dragon and Tiger Symbols with this Classic Kimono

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

Kimono-Dragon Tiger

This iconic scene is a familiar one in Japanese culture and is dramatically depicted on this beautiful black Dragon-Tiger Kimono.  This bold and exotic design brings to mind the Academy award-winning film, “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”, a movie that focused on resistance to gender inequality and patriarchy as its central theme. It also shows just how pervasive these symbols still are in Asian culture.

According to Japanese legend, Tigers are an eternal rival of the dragon, and the two are often shown fighting in an epic battle.  Even today, the phrase “tiger versus dragon” is a Chinese idiom used to describe equal rivals.

Known as oppositional symbols, each one has its own fighting style; the tiger reflecting a hard unrelenting attack, and the dragon embodying a more defensive – yet fluid – circular attack.  These styles are also represented in the martial arts as “tiger style” and “dragon style”, and align with the principles of Yin and Yang.

In China, the dragon is a symbol of power and authority and is considered to be the most prominent of the four celestial animals.  Traditionally, the dragon is shown as a potent and auspicious power with particular control over water and rainfall, but it is also celebrated for its benevolence, good will and intelligence.  In fact, Chinese people are often affectionately known as “lung de chuan ren” or descendants of the dragon. 

The tiger, another Chinese celestial animal, is preciously revered in Japan and all Asian societies.  But in Japan it is the emblem of many aristocratic warriors, also known as the “samurai”.  In addition to representing the virtue of courage, the tiger also symbolizes improvement and change.

Classic elements like these create a striking motif against a rich black background on this brushed cotton kimono.  The Dragon-Tiger Kimono comes with a matching belt and is made in Japan of 100% brushed soft cotton, measuring 58” long.  Consider buying matching kimonos as a gift for yourself and that special person in your life.