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Rock Cairn Water Fountain

This Rock Cairn Water Fountain will bring calming tranquility into your home, garden, office or favorite meditation space. The soothing sounds of the waterfall will help focus the mind. This beautiful water fountain can be used indoors or out to create that perfect zen space.

A cairn is derived from a Gaelic term for a man-made stack of stones. Cairns range from from cone shaped rock formations to delicately balanced sculptures and elaborate feats of engineering. Cairns have been used for centuries as monuments, path markers, ceremonies and astronomy guides.

Hand made in Java using natural river rocks, stones and pebbles. No resins or cements are used to provide an eco-friendly and green product. Waterfalls also create negative ions, tiny electrically charged particles that help you feel more alert and relaxed. Negative ions also remove impurities in the air helping to alleviate allergies and decreasing indoor air pollution. Mother Nature at it's finest.

The natural rock base is carved and sealed to hold water and includes a water pump. The five rocks are supported by a metal rod and can be arranged to your liking. As no two rocks are identical, you can create your own unique water fountain. The fountain measures approximately 12" in height, 10" in diameter and 9" in depth. Weighs approximately, 28-30 lbs.

SALE $99.00(Reg. $119.00)