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The light, soothing aroma of fine natural incense and oils can relax and open the mind and heart.

Shoyeido Gift Set

Shoyeido - Peace & hope Gift Set

Morning Star Gift Set

Shoyeidoô Incense

The finest quality from Japan made with natural spices

Nippon Kodoô Incense 

Perfect for daily use or meditation retreats

Joy & Love Gift Set

Japanese Cast Iron Incense Burner

Gift Sets

Beautiful gift sets for that someone special

Incense Burners

Iron and brass incense holders, and accessories

Morning Star - Zen Gift Set

Morning Star Zen Gift Set.

-Incense has been used for centuries in Buddhist Traditions as a compliment to sitting meditation practice and ceremony. Even today, Japanese incense is highly regarded for its subtlety and beauty.


Our Japanese incense are made from natural and organic ingredients such as Sandalwood, Aloeswood from the Far East, spicy Cinnamon bark, Pine, Cedar, and rich Floral extracts. Essential oil products use only natural ingredients to wake the senses and nurture the body and spirit!

We believe that incense holds the power to create tranquility by delicately scenting your sacred space. We are selective in our purchases to offer you the best incense fragrances.

We offer Nippon Kodo incense, which is exceptionally fine Japanese incense following a long and honored tradition dating back 400 years ago in Japan. Many of our high quality Nippon Kodo incense fragrances are based on original formulas and contain 100% natural ingredients. The wonderful scents in our collection will offer you a whole new world of spiritual awareness and understanding.

Besides Nippon Kodo, we offer Shoyeido incense, which is possibly the most popular and widely used Japanese incense in the world. The Shoyeido incense company in Japan has been making premium Japanese incense for over 300 years. We are proud to feature a large selection of Shoyeido incense scents that will provide a calming ambiance in your sacred space. You can browse through our superb selection of Incense Sticks and Incense Gifts to find the scent and style you need.

We also offer a large variety of incense burners, made by artisans to enhance your spiritual experience. These Incense burners are used during spiritual and meditative practice, and will hold and catch the ashes of incense sticks and coils.

From inception, when we began our business, the main objective and guiding principle has been to bring the finest quality incense to our customers. We are pleased that we have been able to succeed in our efforts and fill your hearts with peace and kindness.

At Chopa.com, you have our promise that you will receive only fresh, pure and high quality Japanese incense. Donít wait, begin shopping now.