Japanese Incense Gift Sets

With the aim to introduce Japan's fabulous incense culture to the world, we present the finest range of Japanese incense from leading brands like Shoyeido and Nippon Kodo.

These magical fragrances have been created by highly trained artisans, who uncover centuries-old secrets to come up with remarkable scents. Working with 100% natural ingredients, they carefully evaluate the quality, ratio, and balance of each and every component. Being the most trusted providers of exquisite, high quality incense aromas, both have earned an excellent reputation, not just in Japan but worldwide.

Nippon Kodo and Shoyeido's natural incense is a timeless accessory to deepen meditation and yoga practices; to enliven various social settings; to create a fragrant atmosphere at home, or simply to be used as a spa enhancement.

Cherishing the ancient tradition of Japan, we offer you incense sticks that will add a new dimension to your life by opening up a world of deep understanding and spiritual awareness.

You can also share the subtle fragrances of our unique incense range with friends and loved ones through our beautiful incense gifts. Our wide selection of incense gift sets include Morning Star- Classic Gift Set, Shoyeido Reflections Gift Set, Shoyeido Ochiba Gift Set, Shoyeido Peace & Hope Gift Set, Shoyeido Orchid Gift Set, and many more.

Complete your Zen collection with the Dragon incense holder and experience the best that Japanese Zen has to offer.

We invite you to browse our range of fine quality incense and enhance your surroundings with the scent you like.