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Japanese Shoji Paper and Asian Lamps

The Shoji Lamps have various designs on them that reflect the uniqueness of Japanese culture. So many aspects go into making perfect Japanese Floor lamps such as the quality of the paper used, the finish of the wood, as well as the type of light that is placed within. As with all Japanese items, attention to detail is the most critical thing. Chopa brings you this exquisite selection straight from the hands of master craftsmen.
A beautiful Shoji Lamp is an important addition to a Japanese household. Japanese Lamps have been traditionally used to improve the ambiance of a room and contribute to it's Zen Decor. One of the characteristics of Japanese Floor Lamps, is that they are easy to construct and require no screws or fixtures.

Our Japanese styles lamps are built in accordance with authentic Japanese tradition. Within that tradition, we are able to construct a wide variety of splendid designs as you can see below. Circular or Square, a Japanese Floor lamp makes any room more elegant.
SH-2029-1.jpgShoji Table Lamp$42.95 $36.95