Ikebana Vases, Containers- Suiban and Nageire

Ikebana vases are a key element in the art of Japanese flower arranging. A simple, yet effective way to enhance your home with Japanese decor. A Ikebana vase is the perfect complement to your indoor Japanese style.

Our products allow you to experiment and explore your own flower arranging talents. Create a traditional-styled Japanese space and decorate with supplies that are iconic elements of Zen decor. There is so much diversity in making simple arrangements, so browse our online store and choose the right one for you!

Chopa provides all a wide selection of Ikebana supplies. Browse our collection of Japanese Suiban containers, Ikebana vases, Kenzan Pin Frogs, Ikebana clippers, Japanese Water fountains, and Japanese Garden supplies. We have what you need to create your perfect Japanese garden or your own sacred space. Books will teach you Japanese water fountain placement and how to arrange the various elements in a simplistic and appealing Zen decor.