Calligraphy Paintings: Framed prints, Feng Shui Art, Brush Stroke Paintings

The elegance of sweeping and irregular brush lines in Japanese Calligraphy not only create aesthetic pleasure but also transfer wisdom. With the aim to bring you closer to the spiritual power and enthralling beauty of Japanese Calligraphy, features a unique selection of Calligraphy paintings. Each of them carries an insightful proverb or picture that can lend a distinctive style to any room.

Our award winning brush stroke paintings are available in black and cherry wood finishes. These fine prints will brighten the walls of your house or gift to your loved ones to decorate theirs. In our Calligraphy Prints, each line carries a meaningful message of love, pleasure, success, peace, and fortune. Incorporating ancient tradition, the artwork we present has the power to accentuate any space with its abstract beauty and spiritual expression. They have been made by extremely talented calligraphy artists, keeping true Zen d้cor in mind.

Our exclusive selection of Calligraphy Supplies include the Calligraphy Print – Crisis & Opportunity, Calligraphy Print – Tao, Calligraphy Print – LOVE, Feng Shui Art – Nourishing Partnership, Calligraphy Print – Blessings, Slate and Patina Metal Calligraphy Wall Art, Japanese Round Shikishi Frame, and many more.

So, explore our beautiful framed prints to look for the ones that meet the goal of your interior sacred space.

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