Sumi Paper, Japanese Calligraphy Paper, Shikishi Frame

When you're ready to progress from practicing Sumi- e and calligraphy to creating finished works, you need the proper accessories. Fine Japanese Calligraphy Paper provides you with the perfect base necessary to exhibit your work. Similarly, Japanese Hanging Scrolls are also important to showcase your sumi e paintings.

For Sumi e Painting, it's very important that you use the right kind of paper. Fine Kozo and Hosho Paper will protect your work from suffering due to shrinkage and we have a wide range of sizes for you to choose from.

And for the final display, nothing suits a Japanese Painting better than a Shikishi Board. Framed with gold and perfectly set off to draw attention to your masterpiece, the Shiki shi is an invaluable attention to your repertoire.

Chopa brings you the finest Sumi-e paper and a multitude of Japanese Hanging scroll designs. Compliment your work and showcase it the way it deserves with quality Japanese art supplies from authentic craftsmen.