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Book - How to Use the I Ching

Hardcover | Author: Will Adcock

This guide to the ancient art of divination and interpretation has over 150 photographs. Discover a harmonious approach to life. Find spiritual guidance to answer questions and resolve problems. The guide includes special illustrations to help with interpretation.

The I Ching was created over 4000 years ago by an ancient Chinese Shaman. Developed by China's first emperor and expanded by Confucius, the I Ching has evolved as an oracle of guidance and wisdom. Also known as the "Book of Changes", the I Ching is considered a reflection of nature with the trigrams representing heaven, earth, fire, water, thunder, wind, mountain and lake. You will learn how to create hexagrams when you toss symbolic coins and seek spiritual guidance. This book helps you call upon the Sage to find the right path.

Hardcover | 64 pages | ISBN: 9780754830382

Product code : TB-1506043

Reg Price: $12.99Sale Price: $3.97

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