Bowing - A Moving Meditation for Personal transformation

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Bowing: A Moving Meditation for Personal Transformation.
Hardcover | Author: Dahn Yoga Education

Build strength, cultivate humility, and embrace oneness. In the East, people from every walk of life use bowing as a simple daily discipline to maintain physical and spiritual fitness. Let this inspiring book show you how to use this easy mind-body practice for a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle. After only a few weeks of bowing, you will feel greater vitality and strength, while also experiencing profound centeredness and brightness within your mind and spirit.

Bowing is the most beautiful of human activities, representing all of life in its most poetic form. It is also one of the best exercises. The simple, repetitive motion uses every major joint and muscle in your body, pumps your heart, and makes you sweat.

It is more grounding than traditional forms of sitting meditation, because it also requires flowing movement and physical strength. This movement gets the body's energy flowing and naturally brings up joy and gratitude for your physical being. Bowing is also a great way to start and end your day, because it helps you more easily process your goals and tasks, as well as the daily events you encounter. This guide takes you through the entire process of bowing, step-by-step, with many illustrations. It will help you understand this ancient discipline and how practicing it can have profound impacts on your life.

Whether you are looking for an integrated body-mind-spirit workout or a deep spiritual discipline, this book is all that you need to start bowing today.

Hardcover | 120 pages | ISBN: 9781935127444

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