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Buddha Board - Original

Master the art of letting go. Save money on calligraphy supplies as you learn with our 12 x 9" "disappearing ink board" for calligraphy and Sumi-E practice. Comes with long lasting paper-board, bamboo brush and Japanese calligraphic symbols to practice. Just use water and calligraphy will appear. Image will disappear when water evaporates, and surface will be ready to use again and again. Images last long enough to be scanned or photographed.

Zen Idea: The art of living in the present... Do not worry about the past... Do not be concerned with the future. With your Buddha Board you can do just this, and create art over and over again. Buddha Board has a special surface that allows you to paint on it with water, the surface turning dark wherever the water touches, and as your image begins to fade it creates new and wonderful images. Within minutes the image will be completely gone, allowing you to create a new work of art. Buddha Board helps bring out the creative side that exists in all of us; anyone can create a work of art, all you have to do is try. 100% recyclable. Zen Idea: Allow yourself to 'let go' and not be concerned with each outcome... Live for the moment and enjoy. Buddha Board is environmentally friendly because it saves paper - you can use it over and over again, and it will last for years with proper care. Each Buddha Board is 12" x 9 1/2" and comes with a bamboo paint brush, and a Japanese 'style' water holder/stand and drip pad. Buddha Board is a wonderful gift idea for people of all ages. Have fun with your Buddha Board and remember to live for the moment!


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