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Buddhist Mala - Howlite and Lapis

Buddhist Mala beads are a centuries old tool designed to keep the mind focused on the practice of prayer and meditation, and is a symbol of the never ending cycle.

Each bead in the mala counts a Sanskrit prayer or mantra in sets of 108 repetitions. Combining touch with conscious awareness, the beads are moved sequentially in rhythm with breathing. With each recited mantra, the mind stills allowing the focus to be centered on the meaning of the mantra rather than counting the repetitions. Each time the mantra is repeated, the fingers move to the next bead. When using a mala many times, it is believed to take on the energy of the mantra that is being recited.

Our traditional Japa Mala contains 108 beads. The type of gemstone combined with a specific mantra is thought to have special properties that empower healing, a better sense of well-being and spiritual growth.

Howlite is a calming stone thought to relieve stress of all kinds. It is believed to help with insomnia and opens the mind to attunement preparing the mind to receive wisdom and guidance. Lapis is a powerful healing stone thought to bring mental clarity, emotional healing and to enhance relationships through harmony and communication.

This full sized prayer bead Mala necklace is handcrafted with premium 9mm beads. Strung with a multi-strand, vinyl coated stainless steel cable, a rayon tassel and lapis and silver spacers. Free mala bag included to store and protect your beads. Due to the natural materials used, the color and the size of the beads may vary slightly.

Product code : FE-25262

Reg Price: $45.00Sale Price: $25.00

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