Create Your Own Japanese Garden

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Create Your Own Japanese Garden

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A Practical Guide.
Hardcover | Author: Motomi Oguchi

The Japanese garden is often seen as a living work of art. The balance of nature and design translates into serenity and beauty earning the Japanese garden a reputation as a living work of art.

Renowned garden designer Motomi Oguchi offers a step-by-step practical approach to creating Japanese gardens, drawn from his thirty years of design experience with more than 400 gardens. Using examples from gardens he has designed, constructed and photographed, illustrates his key points, approaching each work from the perspective of the home or building owner.

The focus of this book is on the relationship between house and garden, and how Japanese garden types can be applied to residential homes and small businesses to bring a bit of that traditional beauty into everyday life. Each chapter outlines the general layout and methods for developing each garden before going into one specific feature of the garden in a step-by-step format. Sections on general techniques offer advice on handling stone, sand, bamboo, moss, and trees. Applying time-honored techniques to typical situations, Create Your Own Japanese Garden offers both ambitious designs and simple variations calculated to bring you into closer contact with nature the Japanese way.

This book will become an invaluable resource for garden enthusiasts and readers wishing to explore the techniques that capture the beauty and ambiance of the Japanese garden. Detailed photographs and illustrations and suggestions for special touches and maintenance make these designs accessible to homeowners, landscape designers, and garden lovers everywhere.

Hardcover | 128 pages | ISBN:9784770028044

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