Five Good Minutes in Your Body

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Five Good Minutes In Your Body - Mindful Practices To Help You Accept Yourself

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Five Good Minutes in Your Body
100 Mindful Practices to Help You Accept Yourself and Feel at Home in Your Body.
Softcover | Author: Jeffrey Brantley MD

When was the last time you felt completely at home in your body - comfortable, nonjudgmental, and relaxed? The demands of daily life can make it nearly impossible to find time to give your body the attention it deserves. But neglecting your body only makes stress worse and leaves you feeling less than whole.

Five Good Minutes in Your Body offers simple yet effective activities to help us restore and recharge our relationships with our bodies. With these tools we can create a life that is more fulfilling, a life in which we are no longer at the mercy of the stress of our day. These practices can transform the mundane into the extraordinary, and renew our sense of vitality and passion for life.

Learning to be mindful of our bodies can be hard in this fast-paced, stressful world. Some of us live from the neck up, forgetting to nourish and appreciate,or even be comfortable in our bodies. In the western world we often live nearly entirely in the mind. Through mindful practices, this book will help bring us back into our bodies and help us reduce stress, breathe again, and actually enjoy our bodies. We're also incredibly self-critical of our bodies. Who among us hasn't wished they were just a little skinnier, more muscular, taller, had a narrower foot, darker hair, lighter eyes the list of our inadequacies is endless. We are very self-critical of our bodies and often have distorted perceptions of ourselves. We needlessly compare ourselves to some unattainable and airbrushed ideal. This often leads to feeling cut off from our bodies and, ultimately, disembodied. We then end up making unhealthy choices, such as eating foods that don't make us feel good, drinking too much, or even over-exercising, all in an effort to try to feel better about ourselves.

Softcover | 247 pages | ISBN: 9781572245969

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