Five Good Minutes With The One You Love

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Five Good Minutes With The One You Love

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Five Good Minutes
100 Mindful Practices to Deepen and Renew Your Love Every Day.
Softcover | Author: Jeffrey Brantley MD

When you first fall in love, every moment you spend with that special someone feels like a lifetime. Even a glance and a smile can seem to last for hours. But as time goes by, let's face it, relationships change. You have places to go and people to see, children to raise and careers to manage. The rest of the world can start to slip between you and the one you love. It takes practice to remain deeply connected and truly intimate with someone - but it doesn't need to take up all of your free time. With the simple practices in this book, you'll be able to really connect with your special someone in just five minutes a day.

Using simple techniques drawn from mindfulness practice, Five Good Minutes with the One You Love will help readers feel closer, more connected, and more deeply in love with their intimates. The meditations, affirmations, and observations will foster gratitude, kindness, trust, and empathy. In the course of these practices, readers can learn new ways to deal with conflict and daily stress.

These 100 simple and fun practices will help couples find quality time for each other no matter how crazy their schedules. In only five minutes, these simple activities will help them become more mindful and focused on another, leading to more a intimate, connected, and loving relationship.

Softcover | 251 pages | ISBN: 9781572245129

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