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Himalayan Ionic Salt Lamp

Light healing Himalayan salt rocks will beautify your home and help naturally purify the air. Enjoy the ambient glow from 250 million year old ionic salt crystals that unlock the door to well-being and tranquility. The premium quality salt rocks are hand-chipped in the majestic Himalayan Mountains. When lit, the salt ionic translucent crystals, emits negative ions that naturally refresh the air while casting a warm glow. A scientific study has shown that the lighted salt rock lamp increases the negative ion count by up to 600%.

Just as our health is affected by the air we breathe and the water we drink, it is also affected by the quality of healing light we are surrounded by. The salt lamp produces four different light healing hues.

Color is important to our mood and emotional state. Red - The warm glow of red powers up our vital forces and gives an instant emotional boost. Apricot - Promotes open mindedness and increases energy. Orange - Relaxes tensions and improves creativity. White - Transforms chaos to a healing sense of calm and gives total body immunity.

Lamps contain an average of 5 1/2 lbs. of salt rocks. Features a UL listed, five foot length cord, 15 watt light bulb and a brown finished wicker basket. This rock salt lamp measures 7 1/4" in diameter and 9 1/4" tall. Due to the nature of mining salt rocks, slight variances in size, color and shapes will occur. Basket finishes vary from lighter to darker as seen in photo.