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Large Eternity Oil Warmer

This "Eternity" Soapstone Oil Warmer creates the perfect mood for relaxing and entertaining. It is carved with a beautiful Om design and crafted from black soapstone. The openwork design creates a soft glow and makes the most of your favorite scented oils.

Carved Soapstone Oil Warmers bring natural style into your home. Soapstone is heat resistant and distributes heat evenly, so your Fragrance Oil is warmed quickly and evenly for truly beautiful fragrance. Warming Essential Oil is a great alternative to burning incense and gently fills your home with a pleasing aroma while complimenting your decor.

Fill the upper bowl with your favorite oil or incense granules and allow the gentle warmth from a tea light enhance and infuse your favorite scent throughout your sacred space. The warmer measures 4 1/2" in height and 3 1/2" in diameter. Imported from India.

SALE $9.95(Reg. $14.95)