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Medicine Buddha Singing Bowl Set -Burnished Red

Tibetan singing bowls are known for their mystical qualities and are multi-phonic instruments producing several harmonic overtones at the same time. The pure sounds produced when the rim is rubbed by the mallet is said to put the brain into a meditative state and emits tones in the same wavelength as the brain waves that produce feelings of relaxation.

Singing Bowls are widely used as an aid in meditation, yoga, music therapy, sound healing, religious services, performance and for personal enjoyment. This large singing bowl set is nicely detailed with an etched medicine buddha inside the bowl in a rich burnished red tone. Buddha is a sanskrit word that means "the awakened one". Buddha taught that every man could deliver himself from the wheel of rebirth with a correct inner attitude. The right hand represents vitarka mudra, or the transmission of Buddha's teaching. His left hand holds the alms bowl, which symbolizes renunciation. The outer flat sided bowl has a contrasting burnished red etched symmetrical design.

The bowl measures approximately 8" in diameter and a height of 4". Bowls may vary slightly in design and size as these are hand crafted. The set includes a satin brocade cushion and wooden striker.

Product code : KI-31187

Price: $89.00

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