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Tingsha Meditation Cymbals - Dragons

These Tingsha meditation cymbals are hand cast with a distinctive dragon design.

Our Tingsha Bells are made with a heavy weight metal compound, consisting of five metals similar to bronze. This blend produces a distinctive, resonating sound. The relaxing tonal quality makes these hand cymbals an ideal tool to begin and end a meditation practice. Buddhist monks have a longstanding tradition of using tingsha while meditating.

The symbolism of the dragon dates back centuries in Asian culture. Dragons are associated with being rulers of the water and weather including rivers, seas and waterfalls, and are known for their power and strength. These tingsha meditation cymbals are made in India and measure 3" in diameter. The two tingsha chimes are attached with a leather cord.

To play the tingsha bells, grip the cord just above the cymbal in both hands. Gently strike the edges of the cymbals together once. Breathe and listen to the tone of the cymbals until it completely stops. Besides meditation, tingsha are used for space clearing and toning. Space clearing is the practice of clearing an area of negative energy. Daily stress, confrontation and uneasiness can blanket a room with bad vibrations. Walk through a room from corner to corner, while playing the thingsha slowly. This practice is believed to disburse negative energy and is a component of Feng Shui.

Toning with tingsha is the practice of healing with sound, by allowing sound vibrations to resonate in your body. This helps to clear the mind and increase your focus. Some practitioners compare the absorption of the vibrations to a mental massage. Toning works in harmony with meditation and can help you stay on your path of mental wellness.

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Tingsha Meditation Cymbals - Dragons
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Tingsha Meditation Cymbals - Dragons
Great tingsha
These tingsha have helped me. Meditation has become deeper and these have made a big difference. Thank you.