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Meditation Gift Basket

Give the gift of inner peace, harmony and quietude with a Meditation Gift Basket. This thoughtful gift basket includes meditation tools and instructional guides for the beginner, or someone expanding their meditation practices.

The gift basket includes:

Bowing - A Moving Meditation for Personal Transformation. This book highlights strength building and embracing oneness to maintain physical and spiritual fitness. The book explores easy mind-body practices for a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle. After only a few weeks of bowing, you will feel greater vitality and strength, while also experiencing profound centeredness and brightness within your mind and spirit.

Buddhist Meditation for Beginners - is an audio learning course with a comprehensive introduction to the practice of Vipassana ("Insight") Meditation, to cultivate a profound inner calm and awakening to the truth. The Meditations of the Heart lesson provides step-by-step meditations that cast light on Buddhism's cornerstone, the Four Noble Truths. The Forgiveness lesson reveals the path to forgiveness and the way out of our pain.

Zenergy Chime - The Zenergy Chime emits a powerful tone with just a gentle tap of the mallet. These sounds are often used in meditation and healing because they help us focus and redirect our attention within. Take a deep breath and listen. Relax, refocus, and re-energize.

Reflections Incense Gift Set -The set contains a bundle each of "Nokiba"; fragrant Moss Garden with a light-hearted scent. "Kyo-nishiki", Kyoto Autumn Leaves; evokes reflection, inspiration, energy, and insight. Kin-Kaku, Golden Pavilion; is ceremonial, distinctive and an atmospheric incense. The set includes a colorful glazed-ceramic incense holder.

Silk Eye Pillow - The calming and soothing effects of this therapeutic and luxurious silk eye pillow will complete the meditation experience. Made of 100% silk cloth in a rich burgundy, this pillow is filled with organic flax seeds and lightly scented with lavender.

This wonderful collection of meditation tools arrives fully arranged in a reusable basket, wrapped in clear cellophane, and finished with an elegant embossed green leaf ribbon bow. Surprise someone special today!