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Meditation Pillow - Sky

Our Meditation Pillow is similar to a traditional Zafu, but is rectangular in shape instead of round. The rectangle shape makes this pillow versatile for meditation, yoga, sitting or reclining.

This supportive pillow is made with a black cotton blend fabric with a symbolic blue sky, batik print cotton inlay. Stuffed with organic Buckwheat hulls and features a Velcro closure under the carrying handle. This makes it simple to add or remove hulls to adjust the firmness or to remove all of the hulls quickly so the whole pillow can be washed, dried and easily refilled.

This Meditation Pillow measures 15" by 11" and 5" thick. Proudly handmade in the USA from the beginning to the end. This includes design, cutting, sewing and stuffing.

SALE $35.00(Reg. $39.00)