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Pendulum - Aqua Quartz

A pendulum is one of the oldest and simplest methods of obtaining information intuitively. A pendulum is a highly reliable communication tool between the subconscious mind and electromagnetic fields of the aura. It acts as a powerful antenna that receives vibration information from the energy waves present in all things.

The pendulum is also an important tool to assess the status of the seven main energy systems known as chakras.

The use of crystals and stones in pendulums has also evolved through research with proven results. Scientists such as Einstein, Davinci, and General Patton used pendulums with great accuracy. By refining and polishing gemstones into various shapes, the stones became better conduits of intelligence and spiritual enlightenment.

Aqua Quartz offers an aura with a very high and intense vibration. It has been used to activate the energy of other minerals and gemstones for healing work, and can be a potent stone when used in body layouts for activation of the Chakras. It can be successfully applied to smooth and heal the Auric field, and to release negativity from one's emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual bodies.

Aqua Quartz is thought to stimulate the throat chakra, the center for communication. It is also believed to bring out one's inner beauty, attract wealth and success and create an atmosphere of peace and well being. It is a stone of spiritual elevation, which can serve to help raise the vibration of humanity.

The pendulum has a 7 1/2"" inch chain with seven stones, each representing a chakra. The chain features a lobster claw clasp, allowing easy removal of the pendulum so it can be worn as a pendant. The pendulum stone measures 1 1/4" long. The coloring of the stone may vary as it is a natural product and each piece is unique.


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