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Meditation Prayer Shawl - White OM

Meditation or prayer shawls have been used for thousands of years throughout the world.

Shawls are intended to surround and comfort you during meditation practice. The prayer shawl is believed to hold the energy that accumulates, and produce a beneficial effect on the mind. As the body cools down during meditation, extra warmth is provided by the shawl, comforting the body, and preventing the mind from becoming distracted. This lightweight shawl is perfect for meditating, yoga or prayer. Use as a cover up, or as a lightweight wrap to keep warm.

This prayer shawl is 100% natural and made from the Jute plant. This plant grows abundantly in India, is highly renewable and helps increase soil fertility for other crops. The best fibers are known as 'golden fiber'. The soft fabric is hand-printed by local artisans in the Indian cottage industry. These artisans hand-stamp the mantra Om in decorative Sanskrit letters. The contrast of the burgundy design against the white cloth highlights the sacred mantra. This lightweight meditation shawl weighs just over 8 oz and measures 89" x 42". Dry clean recommended to protect printing. Otherwise hand wash and line dry.

Due to hand-printing, some imperfections may be visible.

The mantra 'Om' was the first sound of the universe and in Hinduism, the sound of OM is broken down to 'a-u-m' representing the Holy Trinity.

Product code : PG-52115

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