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Shoji- How to Design, Build, and Install Japanese Screens

Our Best-Seller!! Shoji screens are translucent, wooden lattice panels that will transform light and your space adding a special touch to any room. This insightful book takes you into Japanese style with a complete how-to guide on designing and making shoji for your own home, apartment or office space. This book includes information on aesthetics and design fundamentals, basic construction methods, screen materials,wood selection and a list of suppliers. It also provides an introduction to Japanese hand tools, planing and joinery techniques. There are numerous home projects including sliding and hanging screens, glass panel shoji, single and double sided shoji, skylight shoji, floor and table lanterns and much more. The author, Jay van Arsdale is a carpenter and shoji maker who teaches classes in Japanese tools and woodworking techniques. Make your own custom shoji creations with this indispensable book! Available in paperback.

ISBN 0870118641


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