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Shoyeido incense assortment
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Shoyeido Overtones Assortment

Explore the world of natural incense with this incense sampler from Shoyeido.

This selection contains one box each of:

Sandalwood: A pure earthy scent. The scent of sandalwood is known to relax the mind and open the heart. Many burn sandalwood incense to help create a romantic mood. A great tool for visualization or meditation.

Cinnamon: A beloved spice, cultivated from the inner bark of the eastern cinnamon tree. Enjoy a familiar, comforting fragrance.

Vanilla: A favorite, calming aroma, great for relaxation. This creamy, soothing scent comes from the fruit of the vanilla orchid, native to Madagascar.

Frankincense: Derived from the resin of desert trees, this subtle woodsy scent is calming and enhances contemplation.

Tea Leaves: Enjoy an invigorating, yet calming aroma. Perfect for centering yourself.

Each box contains 35 sticks each measuring 8 3/4" long. The approximate burning time is 50 minutes per stick. Shoyeido uses only the finest natural ingredients, without a bamboo or wooden core so the sticks emit less smoke. This natural incense line is popular among those with sensitivity to chemicals. This incense assortment makes a great gift for a teacher or friend.

Zen Inspired Living | Meaningful Gifts with a Purpose.

Product code : SH-15005A

Reg Price: $22.95Sale Price: $9.50

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Shoyeido Overtones Assortment
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Shoyeido Overtones Assortment
Just ordered my second set and am a big fan. This is the perfect choice for my meditation practice. Highly recommend.