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Altar - Wisdom Tree

This hand-carved wooden Wisdom Tree altar begins at the base of the tree's sturdy trunk representing the roots established in one's life. Outward spiraling branches represent all the paths taken throughout life's journey. This two door chest has a smooth polished top and sides which are hand rubbed in a deep rich tone. This chest is perfect for storing precious stones, crystals, or pendulums. Add a Buddha statue, incense, Mala or Rosary beads, flowers or seeds to create your own sacred space. The altar is an ideal addition to your meditation practice or worship.

It measures 11" tall, 7" wide and 3" deep. Each 10" door panel has a 3" ring pull. Shelves measure 3" wide and 2" deep. Ready to stand or hang, hooks attached. Imported from India.

Due to the handmade nature, slight variations may occur.

SALE $24.97(Reg. $34.95)

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