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Black - Zen and Martial Arts Yukata

Our simplest and most desired Yukata for Men. Made in Japan of 100% Cotton. This style is perfect for martial arts or zen meditation practice. The quality cotton is cooling in the summer months or perfect for use in the winter. These robes have been traditionally used for centuries in Japanese Bath houses, and now are used in both daily and formal wear. Cotton Robes will soften with washing. Matching belt is included and sewn into sleeve with light basting stitch. This Yukata is available in three sizes:

The 58" length comfortably fits 5' 5" to 5" 10" in height. The sleeve length is 13 1/2", shoulder width is 26" and the girth is 48", $69.00.

The 61" XL comfortably fits 5' 10" to 6' 1" in height. The sleeve length is 15", shoulder width is 27" and the girth is 52", $72.00.

The 64" length XXL fits 6' 1" to 6' 5" in height. The sleeve length is 17 1/2", shoulder width is 32" and the girth is 62", $75.00.


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