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Dancing Water Dragon Bowl

Limited special offer! Discover the secret of the Tibetan Dancing Water Bowl! Bronze bowls like this one have been found in China dating back to the 5th century B.C. Each bowl is hand-cast out of Green Patina Brass, with a fine detailing of intertwined Dragons etched in the bottom.

The bowls are toned similar to singing bowls. Fill with water, wet your hands, rub them firmly on the brass handles and the bowl will sing in a low-pitched tone. The sound vibrations, in turn, disturb the surface of the water so small sprinkles of water rise from the bowl. Legend has it that the higher the water splashes to your face, the longer your longevity is on earth. This bowl makes a great meditation gift or a conversation piece. Some of our customers have used this singing bowl for a beautiful Ikebana floral arrangement. Bowl measures 15" in diameter and is 4 1/4" tall.

SALE $99.00(Reg. $129.00)