Don't Hold Your Breath

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Don't Hold Your Breath

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Don't Hold Your Breath - A Guide to Good Breathing.
Softcover | Author: Jenny Beeken

To breathe is to live, and yet we all take breathing for granted. In this unique book, Jenny Beeken helps us to understand how we breathe, and why most of us don't breathe effectively, depriving ourselves of energy and vitality. Effective breathing is also the key to profound relaxation and deep meditation. It is the key to how we cope with the stresses and strains of everyday life. In this illustrated guide, Jenny describes exercises and techniques that lead to better breathing. With a little daily practice, we can all feel more energetic and alert, relaxed and de-stressed, fit and healthy.

The practices described require no other knowledge than is given in the book, and they can be used alongside other therapies to enhance their effect. Don't Hold Your Breath offers to transform our bodies, lives and consciousness and is a unique contribution to self-help literature. Recommended by Yoga Magazine.

Softcover | 64 pages | ISBN: 9780954538996

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