Embroidered Crest Kamon Kimono

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Embroidered Crest Kamon Kimono

Kamon is a symbol or Japanese crest used to identify an individual or family. Crests were originally held by aristocratic families as symbols of recognition. The crest adds a formality to the Kimono. In Japan, a kimono may have one, three or five crests. A more formal kimono would contain more crests to make them more conspicuous. In the ruling class, the crest can usually be found on both sides of the chest as well as on the center of the back.

This Kimono features the Tokugawa Aoi Japanese Mon Family Crest. The 'mon' or crest represents three hollyhock leaves inside a circle. Tokugawa was a powerful ruling family in Japan. Members of the family ruled Japan as shoguns dating back as early as 1603.

This distinctive Kimono is available in Black or Navy Blue. The crest is embroidered in white on both sides of the chest as well as on the back. Made in Japan of 100% cotton broadcloth. Each Kimono comes with a matching belt.

This Kimono is available in a M/L size.

M/L, measures 58" in length. It is designed to fit a man 5' 5" to 5' 11" in height. The girth is 46", shoulder width is 24 3/4" and the sleeve length is 14 1/2".

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