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Feng Shui Windchime - Chi Energy Lapis

The centuries old Chinese practice of using spatial arrangement to achieve harmony and balance within the environment is elegantly translated into this Feng Shui Chi energy windchime. The artistic melding of elements; blue lapis colored accent stones, bubinga finished ash wood and platinum gray aluminum tubes create a harmonic symphony of notes believed to have the power of redirecting energy within a space benefiting both us and the environment.

Feng Shui tradition holds that wind chimes bring good fortune, health and prosperity to the owner as well as breaking up bad energy in the home. The use of three hollow tubes facilitate the circulation of good energy or Chi in the space. Lapis stone has been used for centuries and thought to be a very powerful stone bringing about clarity and opening the chakras.

This Wind chime measures 39" in Overall Length. This wind chime offers Asian inspired tradition, positive energy and tranquil melodic tones.


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