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Feng Shui Windchime - Earth

The Feng Shui Chime - Earth. This wind chime creates the perfect balance of soothing sounds combined with its artful design of the Feng Shui element - Earth.

In the art of Feng Shui, it is thought that windchimes can bring good fortune, health, and prosperity to the owner. Wind chimes can break up bad energy in the home and the hollow tubes are said to help good chi energy circulate throughout the space. The use of multiple tubes help to promote good luck for the young.

The chimes are made of silver anodized aluminum and nicely detailed with black finished ash and a tiger's eye accent to promote balanced energy. The chime's musical scale is a traditional one derived through chance and divination tuning - a, e, a, f, ab.

The windcatcher is silk screened with the calligraphy symbol for earth on one side and a Feng Shui bamboo design on the reverse. The overall Length is 15 1/2".


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