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Four Seasons Yukata

For centuries, Yukata robes were traditionally used in Japanese bath houses. Today, they are as popular as ever and are worn in both daily and formal wear.

This Japanese Yukata features navy blue Japanese calligraphy symbols identifying the four seasons. The navy blue and white background pattern provides a crisp contrast highlighting the calligraphy symbols. Made in Japan from 100% cotton with a shrink resistant finish for easy care. This Japanese robe is made with the traditional butterfly sleeves. A matching belt is included.

This yukata is available in two sizes, X-Large or XXL:

X-Large, measures 62" in length, designed to fit a person 5' 10" to 6' 4" in height. The girth is 51", shoulder width is 27", and sleeve length is 15".

XXL, measures 64" in length and designed to fit a person 5' 10" to 6' 6" in height. The girth is 58", shoulder width is 31" and the sleeve length is 18".


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