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Japanese Ukiyoe Kimono

This elegantly designed Japanese Ukiyo-e Kimono is reminiscent of ancient times. Ukiyo-e literally translated means "floating world" referring to the conception of impermanent, fleeting beauty. Dating back to the 17th century, artisans translated their art into a style of woodblock painting often depicting city life and village landscapes and the long ago design has been translated to this lovely kimono.

Designed with all the intricate details of a Japanese village, this kimono features a soft light-teal background and richly colored scenes. Soft gold highlights complete the look. Made in Japan of luxurious 100% cotton, it is as effortless to slip into each day as it is to care for. The kimono is finished with elegant butterfly sleeves and a matching belt is included.

This kimono measures 55" in length and will comfortably fit a person 5'5" to 5'9" in height. The sleeve length is 13" the shoulder width is 24" and the girth is 44".

SALE $69.00(Reg. $79.00)

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